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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Outside Coverage

List of websites/blogs that have supported & posted something regarding "The Hockey Volunteer" project (earliest post first, please scroll down):

Chris Lucas of - "Have Skates Will Travel"
Sarah Elizabeth Foster of - "Adam Sherlip"
Michele Catalano of - "Hockey and Hope "
Russell Scibetti of - "The Culture of Sports: Start Them Young"
Paul Kukla & Alanah McGinley of - "Making the World Better Through Hockey"Joe Flasher of - "Using Hockey as an Instrument For Change"
Heather B. of - "And Now For Something Completely Different..."
PJ Swenson of - "Hockey Notes - December 18" - scroll down in the article
Kyle Kosior of - "Afternoon Delight Thirstday"
Tyler McKinna of - "Hockey Volunteer Warming Hearts Around the World"
Damon Donovan of - "Hockey for the Holidays"
Dee Karl of - "The Brotherhood of Hockey - Perfect for Christmas"/"The International Brotherhood of Hockey"

The success of this program is contingent upon the support of warm-hearted, idealistic people & everyone listed above fits that description! Please return the favor and visit their websites and see what they are up to and writing about!

If you have a website and have written about this program, please tell me & I'll link back (plus I want to thank you for your support)! If you would like to write something on your website, please contact me as well, as I'm more than happy and available to contribute to your blog.

Special thanks to Russel Scibetti (
@rscibetti) of The Business of Sports, Paul Kukla & Alanah McGinley (@alanah1) of Kukla's Korner, and Tyler McKinna (@nhldigest) for allowing me to be a guest blogger on their sites, and to Sarah Elizabeth Foster of for conducting the video interview.

Donations & Sponsorship

I received an email today from SECMOL, requesting hockey sticks (mostly lefty, some righty), skates (men's 6-9), and protective equipment. If you have extra equipment you are able to donate, please contact me immediately.

That being said, the more money raised for this trip, the more money I will be able to use to purchase the equipment requested from local stores & pro-shops. There are a handful of places I can pick up equipment that meets the needs of the village.

The value in sponsorship in sports has been debated at times, but I am in full belief that a sponsorship done right is valuable for all parties, the sponsor, the sponsored, and the consumer. This is no exception. The consumers are not only the villagers in Ladakh, Kahmir, who will see that citizens and businesses all over the world care about their welfare, but to the people that see this website, articles that will be posted in newspapers, magazines and television programs, the book I am writing about this initiative, and in the collateral presented to major corporations, NGOs, and governmental bodies when I return and apply for grants.

Available sponsorship packages include:
  • Track suit: logo branding/co-branding available for on-ice outfit - $1,000/suit - 3 available
  • Hat: co-branded hat(s) worn on AND off the ice as it's very convenient - $500/hat - 2 available
  • Clothing: I have to wear something, so a few shirts with your logo on it will be worn often - $500/shirt - 5 available
  • Village Hockey Equipment: Equipment companies can donate the equipment as specified above, but please contact me first to arrange details
  • Volunteer Hockey Equipment: If your company wants to outfit me in your equipment, I will only be bringing 2 sticks, hockey gloves, and hockey skates (I own a brand new pair of Eastons & a beat-up pair of CCM Pro Tacks - I haven't decided which I'm brining, but I would prefer to bring my own skates). That leaves gloves and sticks, as well as a hockey bag and the smaller accessories, like tap, wax, Sweet Stick and/or SkateMate, Blade Tape, etc.). Please contact me first to arrange details.
  • Sports Memorabilia: This is actually a very helpful donation if done quickly. Any memorabilia donated will be auctioned off towards the program. Auctions take time, and there are fees involved, so larger ticket items that can be shipped quickly are most helpful.
  • Website Sponsor: The face of this project (other than my face), is this website. Sponsoring my page will give you prominant placement and link-backs. - $5,000
  • Full-shabang (for equipment companies): If your company wants to be THE sponsor of The Hockey Volunteer, it will include 3 Branded Track Suits, 2 Branded Hats, 5 Branded Shirts, 1 pair of Hockey Gloves, 1 Bundle of Sticks, 1 Hockey Bag, Website/print-collateral, 20 sticks for the village, 10 pairs of skates, an assortment of equipment. This sponsorship package is associated with the Ladakh trip only, and all activites and publications related to that trip. - $15,000
If you have other thoughts for sponsorship or donations, please contact me. All sponsorship packages must be approved by me in advance (contact info on the right side), so as to not wear anything offensive or conflicting. Once agreed upon, sponsors will donate through the ChipIn client (also on the right side), and will write in the comments box what they are sponsoring.

  • Example: Your company is sponsoring 1 track suit ($1,000) & 1 hat ($500). You'll email adam[at]hockeyvolunteer[dot]org that your company meets the standards (not offensive to anyone/any culture and is not a conflict of interest - which there are few of). Once that has been approved, you will donate on the ChipIn client, select to donate $1,500, and write in "Sponsoring 1 track suit & 1 hat".
It's that easy & affordable, and your contribution will go a long way!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Auction for a Cause

I have just posed another auction on ebay.  It is of an autographed, game-used stick from Angela Ruggiero during the 2006 Winter Olympics (pictured).  Angela was kind enough to donate this rare & valuable stick to support the cause.

ALL proceeds from the auction will be used towards this program.

Don't forget about the ebay auctions of the items donated by the NHL (Holiday presents)


Listen to my broadcast from  Saturday, 1/10 with the guys from Hockey Night on Long Island: 
Listen to Hockey Night on Long Island on internet talk radio

Special thanks to the Allan and Rolly at Nasty Hockey Show for being strong advocates for this program, and putting together this broadcast. Please check it out!
Awesome quote from their website: "I’ll match your contributions up to a total of $200. Just leave a comment on this blog with what you have donated."
Thank you guys!
Special thanks to Sarah Elizabeth Foster of for doing this interview, supporting the cause, and donating! (NOTE: I mention in the video I'll be leaving by the New Year. My departure date is now set at 1/12/09!)