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Monday, December 8, 2008

Reduction in costs of the trip

With the influx of help, I have been referred to some cheaper Indian travel websites, and can now look forward to round trip international airfare (JFK to Delhi) costing no more than $2000 (if booked soon!).  Travel from Delhi to Leh (in Ladakh) would be around $100.  Living expenses of $500-600 if I stay 30+ days.

That means right now, $2500 would be the bare minimum I can go over with, and anything additional would be contributed towards helping SECMOL!

If you can spare any amount, please donate here:

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Special thanks to the Allan and Rolly at Nasty Hockey Show for being strong advocates for this program, and putting together this broadcast. Please check it out!
Awesome quote from their website: "I’ll match your contributions up to a total of $200. Just leave a comment on this blog with what you have donated."
Thank you guys!
Special thanks to Sarah Elizabeth Foster of for doing this interview, supporting the cause, and donating! (NOTE: I mention in the video I'll be leaving by the New Year. My departure date is now set at 1/12/09!)