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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

India Ice Hockey, Part 1: Dehra Dun Arena

Upon my return to Delhi, I made sure that I could go to Dehra Dun to visit the arena under construction. This was scheduled as part of a two week trip around Northern India, combining work with pleasure. I had spent a few nights at an amazing riverside camp up river from Rishikesh (where the Beatles went in 67 when the wrote the "White Album"), where I stayed in a gorgeous tent with a friendly staff and delicious food. While I was there, I did a small mountain hike, and some great river rafting/kayaking. If you're interested in this camp, please contact me and I can put you in touch with the company!

[NOTE: This report on the rink is my actual report to the Ice Hockey Association of India. Being that everything I have written has been personal and from my experiences, with the explicit interest of helping the development of ice hockey in India, I see no reason why this should be censored, as all it can do is put pressure on those in charge to do the right thing for all]

When I arrive at the rink, a few things struck me immediately. 1) That the rink was significantly out of the way of the middle of the town/city, and 2) it is well behind in construction based upon the schedule I was aware of and expecting.

The structure is clearly the outline of an arena, and from what it looks like, the surface itself is going to be constructed beautifully. At least, that’s what it looks like on the outside. There is clearly an inefficiency surrounding the construction that is not only slowing down the speed of the construction – which will raise costs of the rink – but it may also hinder the quality of the construction, which could have drastic effects on the usability of the rink.

The importance of not only doing this rink sufficiently, but doing it perfectly, can not be understated. Being the first international-standard ice hockey rink in India, a lot of money will be wasted if the system interferes. Concurrently, this is the opportunity for India to propel itself onto the global “rink” (as opposed to stage), alongside Asian countries like China, Japan and Kazakhstan. If all goes smoothly (figuratively and literally – e.g. the maintenance of the surface), there is no reason why India can’t become a major player on the global hockey scene. The first step is a quality ice rink.

I have additional questions and concerns about the rink. Immediately upon entering, I was told that the foyer will have a circular rink for children. There are a few issues with this. 1) A rink in an entrance will be susceptible to outside weather, and ice and air conditions will be incredibly difficult to manage, making hockey conditions very difficult as a result. 2) A circular rink is not appropriate for hockey at any age, even toddlers. The shape of the rink must be a rounded-rectangle, or it is useless for hockey. The rink could be useful for children even if it’s 1/3 the size of a standard international rink (60m X 30m), as long as it’s rectangular (with rounded corners). 3) If this rink is taking up such a large chunk of a small entrance-way, I am curious where there will be room for a skate rental office, a pro shop, and a snack bar? These are essential to a successful and profitable ice arena, as they are going to be major sources of income, as well as provide the public with temporary/permanent equipment to utilize, and food/beverages to occupy their time in the facility.

On the other end of the rink, there are locker rooms under construction. I am curious how many locker rooms are planned on the architectural drawings. I couldn’t tell if there were 2 or more, but it is essential that an arena being used by the public have at least 4 changing rooms with ample space. With 2 changing rooms, the teams from the following game will not be able to change until the teams from the current games are done. That leads to massive delays in the schedule, and a lot of wasted time after the ice-resurfacer has driven off the rink. That equals a lot of lost revenue!

While I am confident the cooling system has been expertly built by the Canadian firm, I am not confident that the building itself is being constructed properly. An ice rink needs to have a very consistent and carefully controlled atmosphere. Part of the indoor weather relies upon the construction of the building itself. Since heat rises, then there must be a proper cooling, air-conditioning, and de-humidifying system. There must also be proper insulation in the roof and walls, as well as tightly constructed walls and roof. If this gets completed improperly, not only will you have an inconsistent ice surface, which will greatly hinder on-ice performance and stunt the efficiency of growth and enjoyment of ice hockey in India, it will become exponentially more expensive to operate the facility over time. This is basic revenue and expenses…and ultimately, profits!

In regards to these major issues, I am curious what equipment is installed to manage the air and humidity, and what is on order? I have seen the cooling tanks for the surface, but this is not enough to maintain ice in an arena. Additionally, an ice-resurfacer (aka Zamboni) is required. This machine is a major investment, and should be handled as such. They are expensive, and quality is of the utmost importance, as maintenance for a used vehicle is a major expense in North America, let alone India. From my understanding, a Zamboni has not been purchased, and there has been minimal work done by the parties responsible for overseeing rink construction/maintenance/management to secure one. This will require major involvement from the government, which has also been neglecting the project.

I understand the financial situation for the Uttarakhand government is grim, but there is a general apathy that has been taking place from almost all aspects regarding the arena. The managers overseeing construction have not put enough pressure on the contractors to properly construct the building in a timely manner. Additionally, the standards for construction are not adhering to international requirements. To have Indians with no experience in ice arenas offering their expertise, when Canadians are contributing their “two-cents” to the project, is unjustified. I would defer to almost any Canadian 95% of the time, by the inherent fact that they have seen hundreds of arenas through all different stages of operation. There are no Indian experts in ice rink construction, and to behave in a manner that suggests otherwise is doing a dis-service to the sport, and to India.

There are also concerns that there is not only enough money to manage the facility when it opens, but not enough money to finish construction properly. As identified earlier, this would effectively nullify the whole purpose of an ice rink. The arena must be completed to the fullest extent, or the whole project has been an utter waste of money. Wherever the funding comes from, it needs to happen soon, and with full commitment.

Once the facility opens, it needs to open completely. There is no point in operating a rink for 5-8 hours in a day. A successful ice arena can stay open for nearly 20 hours with fully booked ice slots. I understand that this is India, and ice hockey is barely played in this country, but my mission is to not only fill the ice slots with full bookings, but generate such buzz around this new wonder in Dehra Dun, that there’s a wait list!

The state (AND national) governments need to invest in this facility, because the investment will pay off in the long term! As hockey grows in India, new markets will open up. Wealthier families in Northern India and in Delhi will come to participate in ice hockey. Tourists will also start to flock to a country that can add one more point to its long list of incredible features. This is a program that every department within the government can reap benefits from. Obviously, the sports ministries should be doing everything they can to make this rink a success, but there should be as much interest and support from the tourism ministry, as this rink can become the hub of hockey around Asia, including Russia and China! The health department should contribute to ensure proper treatment for injuries, and assurances of safety for the timid. The education department should offer incentives to students that excel in hockey to provide better education to them, as smart hockey players become better hockey players! The transportation department should offer express shuttle service to the arena (I understand there will be a bus route, it should be promoted!) so that players from town centers and those coming by train can make it to the arena quickly and efficiently. The ministry that handles human services and welfare can provide hockey to the poor, and give them an opportunity to grow in a sometimes restrictive and difficult culture. All of these recommendations can provide a combination of revenue, goodwill, and good public relations, all important when trying to operate an administration.

This is the argument I want to present not only to the Uttarakhand government, or the national government, but to the Jammu and Kashmir government, as well as to administrations around India. Ice hockey is a sport that

What is better than playing hockey in the world’s largest democracy, with such welcoming and friendly and passionate people as Indians! Right now, this is a Ladakhi sport, and if this rink doesn’t get completed and managed properly, it will remain a Ladakhi sport.


Michael K said...

HAPPY HOCKEY BIRTHDAY, Adam -- 25 winning seasons complete and hopefully dozens of disc-dangling decades to go...!!!

GREAT STUFF, as ALWAYS! Let's talk about about how we might be able to "shinny-symergize" what "we" both obviously feel very likewise about. I think a great black-biscuit-birthday gift might be for us to take up where unfortunately 'others' forced us to leave off -- we'd like to support YOUR efforts there in Leh and Ladakh (building a multi-purpose regulation rink & a FULL 'kitting-out' of YOUR charges). Contact me via regular e-mail and we'll get to details, logidstistics and timeframes, OK. As your fellow "BIG APPLE" frozen-flatball-friend, I'm sure that YOU have the moxy, management skills and moral-morale-boosting means to actually "do it" the RIGHT way...!!!

Warm Regards and BEST wishes on your "shiny-shinny-silver" 25th...!!! --

Mike K

Håkan Sjöö said...

Hi Adam, it is really an interesting story you have. My name is Håkan and I am from Sweden and living in New Delhi with my family. I was in contact with the India hockey federation before we came here and they told me about this place so of course we brought our hockey gear to India. Me and my two kids (9 and 11) are crazy about hockey and we really hope this new arena will be open soon. Good luck with your work. Regards //Håkan

mukeshjoshi2001 said...

great info....
if you need any further details on this pls feel free to get in touch i am associated wid ths project


Shark said...

What need to be done for getting this project on track.. ???

Svetlana said...

Hallo Adam! Its Svetlana, Russian Figure skating coach. I think i tried to contact you once already regarding ice rink in India but not successfully. I heard that Dehradun arena wasnt oppened due to "political" problems?
You post dated 2009, wonder if you manged to get any further? I belive that as much as ice hockey, the Figure skating would be not less popular in India, there re some skaters but they have no facilities except of Shimla open ice rink, that can operate only in winter time.
It is my one huge dream to open ice rink in India and have a real skating shcool (there are skaters representing figure skating on junior Worlds but they can practise only in US). Did you approach National Sport Ministry recently?
May be if we could combine our efforts it would give more result?
Please contact me if you see this note, - there are ideas i would like to share and ofc ask many questions to you as you went long way already...
Svetlana ( i spent a few seasons in South Africa, who are quite young with ice skating sport but still they managed to open ice rink sponsored by Casino on which territory it was built.. Now coaching in Iceland but at the end i would like to stay and coach in India)
P.S. Mr. Mukesh , are you still interested to help to try and get things work?? ))

MJ said...

hi Svetlana
rink is almost complete we are going for startup now...building and setup has come up really nice. how can u help in this regard and how can u be part of it please mail me at if u can contribute in terms suggestion or advise on how to operate please feel free be my gvuest in dehradun.
mukesh joshi

Anonymous said...

Has the rink been opened yet or is it still in the midst of construction? What is the timeline for rink as far as utilisation is concerned?

Anonymous said...

Well i guess it was about to be openning ceremony in November but it doesnt look as it is gonna be yet....

Anonymous said...

great story!
I am Canadian but my wife is from Bhopal. We are considering a move to India to live and work, but our kids love to play hockey and so we are looking for programs. I am also a certified coach.

This is great work, and should the opportunity arise I would love to help promote the sport of ice hockey in India.

regards, Ian

glen said...

Wow quite the story ...
I to am interested in arena\facility construction, and operations.
From Canada and having been employed in ice arenas for over 32 years. Started at a young age, part time while in high school. The "coolest job around" I like to say LOL.
After several years in private facilities,I am now employed for 25 years at the municipal level.I have found through my qualified experiences that proper training\certifications, is the only method and most practical for any arena operation. Whether for skating, curling or hockey,
Through the years in my career I have attained many certificates and international awards ...
From the National Hockey League, I received many certificates, including a first person to be designated a CIT - Certified Ice Technician.
From collage a have received my Recreational Facility Management Diploma ... I'm a Certified Arena Manager.
From the Ontario Government my Operating Engineers, Refrigeration Class Certificate.
I am thoroughly aware of the aspects of facility construction, design and maintenance.

Hoping all the best for India's
first indoor ice arena operation!!!

mj said...

glen you can contact me on mail id

P Jain said...

Government of Uttarakhand is looking for an operator who can operate thier olympic size ice skating rink at Dehradun. People with prior expereince in operating such facility and organising games, can contact at


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