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Monday, April 13, 2009

Another question for you...

While I have not entirely finished writing about my experiences this Winter with Indian/Ladakhi hockey (There's 1 under construction, with the potential for more posts), there are a few things that come to mind that I would like your feedback on, as my loyal readers:

  1. Would you like to read about the experiences I have had in India, independent of hockey? You may or may not be aware, but I have done a lot of travel around India, as I've been doing my writing. Most of my major posts under the "India Ice Hockey" category have been produced between Abu Dhabi, Mumbai (Bombay) & now Kolkata (Calcutta). The writing style would be similar to this blog (as if I knew how to be disimilar to myself), but would not be based on timeline travel, but rather categorically (e.g. Near-death experiences, adventures, pollution, beggars, etc.). There are no shortage of travel writings, or writings about India, but I'd like to believe I can share my months of travel and experience in a new and unique way. So to repeat the question, and expand upon it: Would you like to read about the experiences I have had in India, independent of hockey, and if so, would you prefer that it be posted on this blog, or my other one (
  2. As stated early on in this initiative, the mission of "The Hockey Volunteer" is to travel around the world to help developing hockey countries, and change lives, one puck at a time. With that in mind, I would like your suggestions/recommendations/ideas on where to go next. I am in discussion with a handful of organizations around the world, but for now, I will keep that to myself, and see what you come up with! So, to repeat: Where should "The Hockey Volunteer" travel to next, sharing happiness and changing lives, one puck at a time?
Please respond to these questions in the comments section of this blog post, so that it could allow potential discussion.

I hope to hear from you!


Karishma said...

I would love to hear more on your travels through India. It's got to be fascinating!

I think I should probably be on your other blog though.

dsherlip said...

I agree wth Karishma.


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