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Monday, January 12, 2009

Day of Departure...Early Morning's been slightly over a month since this endeavor began, and I could not be more excited and exhausted. I guess the dichotomy is fitting, seeing as I'm going to the country that gives true meaning to the word: India. I have been reading books about India, talking to people from India or of Indian descent online and in-person, drinking Indian tea, burning Indian incense, watching Indian movies (OK, only Slumdog Millionaire), eating Indian food and listening to music, all to help me prepare for this trip...and you know what, there's no possible way to prepare! How do you prepare for 1.1 billion people of so much diversity and history? How do you prepare for beauty and poverty in the same scene? How do you prepare for the unknown?

Maybe I'll be prepared when I return home.

It's still early, and after an intense all-nighter of packing and cleaning, I've still got errands to run before heading to the airport. If all goes as planned, you will see and hear from me again this afternoon. That's when the philosophy starts!



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